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SuiteSeat – Stadium App Idea

Project Type App Design Challenge Project Date June - August 2017 Skills/Tools Human-Centred Design, Persona, Experience Map, Task Flow, Sketching, User Testing, Wireframing, UI Library, Video Editing, iMovie, Sketch, InVision PROJECT BRIEF SuiteSeat was the primary design project I worked on while at BrainStation. We were tasked with using the human-centred design process to create a digital …
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MapMyRun – App Redesign

Project Type App Redesign Challenge (With a Partner) Project Date July 2017 Skills/Tools Interaction Design, Visual Design, User Research, Pain Points, Wireframing, Spacing, UX/UI, Sketch, InVision PROJECT BRIEF This challenge was an in-class assignment with a partner at BrainStation in 2017. We were tasked with choosing a popular app and redesigning it to enhance the user experience. …
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TCKTS – App Concept

Project Type In-Class Design Assignment Project Date July 2017 Skills/Tools Primary/Secondary Research, Wireframing, Grid Design, Sketch PROJECT BRIEF TCKTS was an in-class assignment at BrainStation in the summer of 2017. We were challenged to design a prototype that showcases the search feature for any activity of our choosing. The process included researching current designs, utilizing shape/text tools …